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    i was scammed by instaforex, my case was just like yulia.

    i "buy" with 3lot on AUD/USD when market was going to close, and when market opened on monday. i got alot of profit.
    i got $445, so i made withdrawal request. but after waiting so long my withdrawal had not been processed.
    and when i checked my MT4..i was surprised because in my MT4 there are not history of my order and my profit. that's really strange..
    instaforex cheated on me..
    i can't accept this cheating sir. i need your help indeed..
    what should i do to return my profit?
    i will be so please if you would help me..
    here is my log of transaction

    My account :38237

    06:00:28 '38237': order #1627657 buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.0000 closed at price 0.6891

    if you could make it all clear i will be so happy..
    thanx alot

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    i am the client of instaforex
    i have lost my profit and my withdrawal has not been processed until now..
    my name is yuli kusumawati my account number : 38229
    i made long position 3 minutes before market closed on friday and i got $369
    but now i lost my profit and the withdrawal has not been procesed yet until now..in my

    MT4 my history of order and profit has disappeared..they're gone..
    i really wonder why...but i still have the log of the transaction..:

    04:57:30 '38229': instant order buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.0000

    06:11:57 '38229': order #1627650 buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.6899 closed

    at price 0.6869

    i have contacted LIVE SUPPORT,sent email to finance&chief.dealer but they all gave me

    nothing..no solutive way...they only played "ping pong" on me...
    finally the chief.dealer answer my email,he only said a very short senence:

    "Dear sir.

    Your order and your bonus were deleted
    according bonus agreement.

    You can withdraw sum deposited to your account
    using the same method as you have deposited by"

    i was shocked...i really wonder..coz i traded in fair way..i did not break any rules..
    i insisted him to give me proof that i broke rule..but until now i did not get answer and

    my money still in instaforex..
    please help me get my money back sir..

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    One more scam company opened by the owner of scam liteforex company.

    More info http://club.investo.ru/viewtopic.php...&sd=a&start=15 (In russain but as my friend infromed me there are information who they are and how they robing peple).
    Guys if you think to trust money to the 20 years old guy who dreams to rob so many ppl as he can. In russia they were opened few month ago and in russia they alredy has very bad reputation. So don't be full and keep your ass out of this bucketshop.



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