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    Instaforex took my profit 8.5k

    InstaForex took my profit 8.5k. They claimed that the profit 8.5k was made from 900usd usd bonus given during my initial deposit 3k usd.
    They took my profit clause 11. Fyi, my fund manager did not inform about clause 11 impact if i took 30% bonus.

    Instaforex is an unethical company.

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    The worst scam company ever

    My son committed suicide because of instaforex.
    They were confiscated illegally for his son's profit of $ 7000.
    My son was recording all $ 7000 transactions.
    I requested payment by September 26th.
    If instaforex does not pay, i will sue instaforex yes.
    If you are not paid, write your email address here.
    People who were in the same damage!

    Let's fight together.

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    They didn't give My own net Profit 5,600$.

    In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to withdraw just $ 111 profit from $ 5600 profit Only then, their Antifraud department blocked my account with all profits. They gave me a reason to stop blocking my accounts - “Verified with Fake documents of my account”. When I started trading in that 1558731 account, that account was fully verified by their Verification Department by those documents.I want to know them through You the account 1558731 was Verified but They did not block my account when I was Trading there,when I was Profiting there,They didn’t blocked & tell me the Documents was fake, and why? But whenever I wanted to withdraw some profits, why did They block my Verified 1558731 account with Profit ? Why would the Antifraud department block my account and tell my documents to be fake even after their Verification Department has fully reciprocated with my documents? Then did their Verification Department verify with my fake the documents? In this way my three- 1558731,7617075,15119929 accounts have Blocked their Antifraud department with a lot of profits.I told them that if I upload my new smart card and bank statement copy, they will start those profitable accounts unblock ? They did not give any solution to me. Their Verification Department Verified My Account with the same Documents but Their Antifraud Department said This Documents Fake & also Permanently Blocked My Profitable Accounts !!!


    Моя забележка:
    В този постинг се описва клиент, когото са го измамили и ограбили по същия начин, по който измамиха и ограбиха и мене. Следователно аз не съм изолиран случай, а точно обратното, а бръщолевенията на Privelege, с които оправдава себе си и Инстафорекс, са само една ЗАУЧЕНА ДОЛНА И ГНУСНА ЛЪЖА, и нищо повече.

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    Not possible withdraw by local ib

    I am form bangladesh . here local ib is fraud . not possible to withdraw by local ib.

    i did contact with main office they are not care me ..

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    They deducted my 55.07$ with the pretext that the money was made with their star up bonus mean while the profit made with their bonus amounting to 155

    Honestly, I have work with a series of brokers but I want to say that instaforex looks a group of scammers who come together to scam its customers. What they call 1000$ no deposit bonus is the business plan for their scam game. First, they put in the clause 11 that you need to make 390lots before you can withdraw the bonus profit, what I did is that I managed the 1000$ carefully and made 390 lots and the 10% profit. When I deposited my 100$ and requested the bonus withdrawal, they told me that the 390 lots were to made after you deposit the 100$. There is no where that such a thing is stated in the agreement. Now I traded with the start bonus of 130$ + my 100$, made a total amount of 505$, tried to withdraw, they cancelled the bonuses amounting to 130$ and still rejected my withdrawal that I could not withdrawal part of the profit worked with bonuses. I then requested to withdraw my own deposit and the profit made with my money, the amount 219$ was deducted immediately after the request. The balance of 155$ which is the profit made from their bonuses remained in my account. I then tried to trade with the balance to see if I could make the 390 lots, but loss the 150$. 5 days after when I was expecting the 219$ to appear in my skrill account, they wrote to me saying that they are deducting 55.07$ as their bonus profit. Which means they sent back the 219$ to my account imaginarily before processing the withdrawal. This was 5 days after the amount was deducted from account. They have since deducted the 55.07$ and I decided to withdraw what they decided to give me. Can some one who is more experience in forex business tell me if this is right. I should recall that I had loss 100$ in another instaforex account earlier in trying to make 390 lots

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    This is a terrible broker

    They are a terrible broker. they stole my money. I have contacted customer care but they have just been taking round and round. This is the worst broker i have done business with in my whole trading career.

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    I made USD 1600,00 with they no deposit bonus, then when I withdrawal my money, they refuse, telling me that I have to deposit some money to withdrawal. So why the hell I have to deposit and after withdrawal ? Scammers, stay away from them.

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    Using their PAMM service buyt clients can't withdraw money (no bonuses involved)

    I've used Instaforex since 2017 Nov and under my PAMM account I've clients who placed money with them. Recently some clients tried withdrawing money and started encountering problems (Some withdrawals listed as processed but never received, some withdrawn US$2k but obly US$800+ received) . Peter from Kubin, Slovakia below if you think I'm a looser who is pissed off... you are 1/2 right because I'm pissed but not looser. You can check https://www.instaforex.com/forex_mon...ader=5932362#/

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    never deposit on this broker

    I was withdraw 57 USD and i was make profit 86 usd. but they don't give my profit. i was able to withdraw only 52 usd. they was cancel my profit.

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    Scam alert

    Wow seriously bad! None of the platforms work or at least they do not close trades when requested. Whenever this happens with a broker it is an alarm bell to dodgy practices. Im not talking about 1 request I'm talking about 5 or more requests to close a trade. Maybe using mt4 no problem I don't know but webtrader and mobile app no success many times over.

    No serious trader can operate in this environment. I spent ages with this bonus account then traded up to $3000 with ease real money. But this repeated no quotes and not being able to close a losing trade. Wow seriously scam alert man don't deal with this. Be wise and avoid!!

    I still cannot understand why any broker would not want to facilitate their traders to do well. It is very sad indeed.



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