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    This is the hardest broker to deal with compared to any other broker. Yet they claimed to be number 1. From registration hustle, withdrawal, account hustle, trade hustle, everything is legging.

    Just go to other broker. this broker is full of shit.

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    100% scam, beware

    100% Scam. As long as you are losing money, everything will seem fine, almost too good to be true. As soon as you make any kind of decent profit or even recoup a substantial amount of your previous losses, they will make excuses and simply remove your profits.

    They'll cite clauses in the agreement that say they can do this when there are "technical errors". These "technical errors" will only come into play when you make a profit, then the profits will be taken away, if you lose money due to these errors they will never give back those losses.

    There's nothing you can do to prevent these "technical errors" from affecting you since you don't even know they are present until after your profits have been taken away.

    Basically it's like going to a casino where you make a bet on roulette, and if any number you didn't choose comes up, you lose, and when the number you chose comes up, the casino says there were "technical errors" and gives you your original bet back, but takes away the profits.

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    I Cant withdraw money

    I have more than 1 year with Instaforex, without any problem, at the beginning.
    From the last 6 months to now, It is very difficult to open a position quickly, some times the server take almost 1 min trying to open a position, and not only open, change SL or TP its also soooo slow.
    I had the following problems:
    - 1 sep 2017: #HPQ #PAF orders: 1275841582, 1276426036. the stop loss was not respected, SOLVED.
    - 22 Jan 2018: #CL order: 1295471810. stop loss was not respected. NOT SOLVED. the claim is about the time. why #CL close +2 before (your like says 01:00 to 24:00)
    You can see, the position was close: 20:13:20. CL was closed 2 hrs before the right time .
    - 18/24 May 2018: price error in all indices. Split on #SPX (from 2730 to 273), ofc its sever error. The problem continues today
    - 28 Jun 2018: #MON. order:1309405383. SOLVED. MT4 msgbox said "No price". they close the position from the server.
    - 27 Jun 2018: Im trying to withdrawa my money and even today, I cant.
    My visa card was stolen (I made the deposit to instaforex with this card)
    I send many mails to different departments, they askme the pic from my new card and i send (6 Jul 2018) to change_requisites@mail.instaforex.com, and I still do not receive any response.
    I tried to do the withdraw by BankWire, they said: "The reason for it is your ordering a withdrawal to a payment system other than the one you used for funding your trading account" and how i can do that if i cant do that by visa card???
    the next week will be 1 month and i still cant withdraw my money.
    Terrible service.
    I hope with this, they will respond soon.

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    Instaforex big scam

    Inorder to withdraw funds I am failed to get fully verify my account due to their verification system.

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    I have been scammed by instaforex

    My mistakes because I did not referred to the reviews. I made wire transfer in order to deposite my account (5934096) since 20th.June 2018 last month. But until now (12th. July 2018), my account has not been deposited yet. The amount is usd1500. Stay away. They are scammers. I will post my case to all forex forums until they give my money back.

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    Instaforex and Forexmart both are same Broker but due to negative REview and lot of scam instaforex change his name forex mart plz be safe with these broker they both are scammer

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    Dont register
    Nonsense broker

    They failed to verify my account so that I won't be able to withdraw my profits

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    unethical scum

    This company is the absolute worse. Their sales representatives constantly spam and harass you to deposit. And when you do deposit, suddenly there's issues withdrawing. Their verification system is a complete joke and designed not to work. It's OK if you lose money ... but if you make any kind of significant amount they will find some reason to not to give it to you.

    I'm actually with two other amazing brokers and was trying to diversify my substantial portfolio by adding another broker:InstaForex. I had already read the reviews here but wanted to see for myself... oh boy, did they show me!

    STAY AWAY FROM INSTAFOREX. Just like it says at ForexPeaceArmy, instaforex is the lowest of the low!

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    Total Scam. Do not waste time and money.

    Hello. My account number with insta forex is 770312. I would like to say that every thing here in FPA is true for instaforex. It is pure scam company. Worst on planet. I turned my 20 dollar into 7762 dollars in 6 months but when i sent withdrawal. They cancel all the money and replied to withdraw my own money which is only 20 dollar. Now They are unable to reply on emails. Nor trying to contact via chat. They only refer to antifraud which is actually totally fraud. I need to submit my case here in court so that every thing should come true. Admin please help me how to file the case against this bulls*** which still exist. I am too trying to file the case against all the IBs here in pakistan who are doing working with this bullered culprit.

    Hello. I want to warn you that do not waste your time with this culprit person who is claiming to run instaforex. It is not a company. Only a no of culprit running the website and some greedy people are attached with them from different location of world which they called their offices (totally lier) Hell for them . My account with them was 770312 . I had deposited 20 dollars and turned those dollars into 7762 dollars in 6 months. they tried much to beat me but they lose. When i sent them withdrawal they cancel all the profit by error order of 1450 dollars, rebate cancelled of 2400 dollars and rest are cancelled by point 5.12 which relates to news tradings. I told them how can you put point 5.12? you can see i have traded more than 2700 trades in different times and different pairs and in normal market conditions. mostly more long term trades, that took more than 2 days opened but they were unable to satisfy me. Now they are not giving my profit and saying to withdraw your own money which is 20 dollar. I have losted in many times more than 1000 dollars and now I have won but they are not giving me that money. Please admin see this case. I Can not attach the history of my all trades as it only opens in browser and also history is more than (1 MB) Admin please help here so that all the proof should be infront of every one that insta is totally scam..

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    it's a fraud and you can never withdraw your money.

    Instaforex is a scam and fraud. After I deposited US$200 to test the system via my credit card (verified), I decided to make a withdrawal because the spreads for minor and cross are way too expensive and for majors you always have to hit their reprice button. And they REFUSED TO LET ME WITHDRAW MY MONEY TO THE ORIGNAL CREDIT CARD. On the basis of I couldn't verify my address. I have sent in a numerous copies of my utilities and cables bill for the verification and they kept rejecting on the basis it does not come with a signature or stamp. Nowadays all the bills are computer generated and they don't have signatures or stamps. I just don't know why they can't transfer the money back to the original credit card (which most brokers do).
    In my opinion it is a fraud!



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