Виж пълната версия : Измамите на Инстафорекс по света

15.12.2019, 11:15
Отварям тази тема с цел събиране на едно място на всички жалвания на клиенти на Инстафорекс от целия свят за това, че са били измамени или ограбени по един или друг начин. В темата ще публикувам намерените от мене линкове с кратък коментар и/или превод на български, но тъй като жалванията са огромен брой, можете да помагате и вие.

В темата ще се публикуват и официалните становища на регулаторите на различните страни.


15.12.2019, 22:01
Започвам с официалните международни източници - това са регулаторите на различни страни, които са включили Instaforex в черните си списъци. Ето го линка, от който черпя информация:



А ето го и линка, към който сочи Click Here от картинката:

15.12.2019, 22:14
2018-08-02: Cysec had fined Instant Trading EU (one of the companies behind InstaForex and ForexMart) €130,000. The fine was for non-compliance with article 36(1) of the Law, as it did not act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients and also for non-compliance with article 36(1)(d) of the Law and paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Directive, as it failed to ask clients to provide the necessary information regarding their knowledge and experience, to assess whether the investment service or product is appropriate is appropriate for them.

CLICK HERE (https://www.cysec.gov.cy/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?guid=c77cf7bf-c9a7-4136-b48d-cc579144df14) to confirm.

15.12.2019, 22:16
August 2016: The Brazilian Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) has issued an alert against InstaForex.

CLICK HERE (http://www.cvm.gov.br/noticias/arquivos/2016/20160803-1.html) to verify.

15.12.2019, 22:18
January 13, 2015: The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. InstaForex is on that list.

CLICK HERE (http://www.amf-france.org/en_US/Actualites/Communiques-de-presse/AMF/annee-2015.html?docId=workspace%3A%2F%2FSpacesStore%2F2e 025029-4865-4b39-a0de-666461328b8c) to verify.

15.12.2019, 22:20
June 9, 2014: The Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning about InstaForex.

CLICK HERE (http://www.osc.gov.on.ca/en/Investors_wl_20140609_instaforex-company.htm) to verify.

15.12.2019, 22:22
January 16, 2013: The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission has issued a warning against InstaForex.

CLICK HERE (http://www.fsc.bg/en/news/investor-warning-7247.html) to verify.

Забележете, че фирмите на Instaforex присъстват и в Българския черен списък на КФН.

15.12.2019, 22:25
NOTICE: October 2013: InstaMarkets is no longer licensed by the Belize IFSC. InstaForex's representative claims this was a voluntary resignation of its license. Others have reported that Insta was thrown out of Belize.

15.12.2019, 22:26
2011-01-26: The CFTC filed a lawsuit against 14 offshore forex brokers, including InstaForex.

CLICK HERE (https://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/PressReleases/pr5974-11) to verify.

15.12.2019, 22:38
Разгледайте по-подробно долната част на страницата на показания по-горе линк. В нея има 187 различни коментара (ревюта) на различни хора от целия свят, които описват как ги е измамил брокера ИнстаФорекс. Ето го линка отново:


По-долу ще публикувам част от тях, като ще подбирам по-фрапиращите случаи. Ще подбирам и езиците, които можем да ги разберем - Английски и Руски.

15.12.2019, 22:40
Instaforex took my profit 8.5k

InstaForex took my profit 8.5k. They claimed that the profit 8.5k was made from 900usd usd bonus given during my initial deposit 3k usd.
They took my profit clause 11. Fyi, my fund manager did not inform about clause 11 impact if i took 30% bonus.

Instaforex is an unethical company.

15.12.2019, 22:42
The worst scam company ever

My son committed suicide because of instaforex.
They were confiscated illegally for his son's profit of $ 7000.
My son was recording all $ 7000 transactions.
I requested payment by September 26th.
If instaforex does not pay, i will sue instaforex yes.
If you are not paid, write your email address here.
People who were in the same damage!

Let's fight together.

15.12.2019, 22:48
They didn't give My own net Profit 5,600$.

In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to withdraw just $ 111 profit from $ 5600 profit Only then, their Antifraud department blocked my account with all profits. They gave me a reason to stop blocking my accounts - “Verified with Fake documents of my account”. When I started trading in that 1558731 account, that account was fully verified by their Verification Department by those documents.I want to know them through You the account 1558731 was Verified but They did not block my account when I was Trading there,when I was Profiting there,They didn’t blocked & tell me the Documents was fake, and why? But whenever I wanted to withdraw some profits, why did They block my Verified 1558731 account with Profit ? Why would the Antifraud department block my account and tell my documents to be fake even after their Verification Department has fully reciprocated with my documents? Then did their Verification Department verify with my fake the documents? In this way my three- 1558731,7617075,15119929 accounts have Blocked their Antifraud department with a lot of profits.I told them that if I upload my new smart card and bank statement copy, they will start those profitable accounts unblock ? They did not give any solution to me. Their Verification Department Verified My Account with the same Documents but Their Antifraud Department said This Documents Fake & also Permanently Blocked My Profitable Accounts !!!


Моя забележка:
В този постинг се описва клиент, когото са го измамили и ограбили по същия начин, по който измамиха и ограбиха и мене. Следователно аз не съм изолиран случай, а точно обратното, а бръщолевенията на Privelege, с които оправдава себе си и Инстафорекс, са само една ЗАУЧЕНА ДОЛНА И ГНУСНА ЛЪЖА, и нищо повече.

15.12.2019, 22:55
Not possible withdraw by local ib

I am form bangladesh . here local ib is fraud . not possible to withdraw by local ib.

i did contact with main office they are not care me ..

15.12.2019, 22:56
They deducted my 55.07$ with the pretext that the money was made with their star up bonus mean while the profit made with their bonus amounting to 155

Honestly, I have work with a series of brokers but I want to say that instaforex looks a group of scammers who come together to scam its customers. What they call 1000$ no deposit bonus is the business plan for their scam game. First, they put in the clause 11 that you need to make 390lots before you can withdraw the bonus profit, what I did is that I managed the 1000$ carefully and made 390 lots and the 10% profit. When I deposited my 100$ and requested the bonus withdrawal, they told me that the 390 lots were to made after you deposit the 100$. There is no where that such a thing is stated in the agreement. Now I traded with the start bonus of 130$ + my 100$, made a total amount of 505$, tried to withdraw, they cancelled the bonuses amounting to 130$ and still rejected my withdrawal that I could not withdrawal part of the profit worked with bonuses. I then requested to withdraw my own deposit and the profit made with my money, the amount 219$ was deducted immediately after the request. The balance of 155$ which is the profit made from their bonuses remained in my account. I then tried to trade with the balance to see if I could make the 390 lots, but loss the 150$. 5 days after when I was expecting the 219$ to appear in my skrill account, they wrote to me saying that they are deducting 55.07$ as their bonus profit. Which means they sent back the 219$ to my account imaginarily before processing the withdrawal. This was 5 days after the amount was deducted from account. They have since deducted the 55.07$ and I decided to withdraw what they decided to give me. Can some one who is more experience in forex business tell me if this is right. I should recall that I had loss 100$ in another instaforex account earlier in trying to make 390 lots

15.12.2019, 22:57
This is a terrible broker

They are a terrible broker. they stole my money. I have contacted customer care but they have just been taking round and round. This is the worst broker i have done business with in my whole trading career.

15.12.2019, 22:58

I made USD 1600,00 with they no deposit bonus, then when I withdrawal my money, they refuse, telling me that I have to deposit some money to withdrawal. So why the hell I have to deposit and after withdrawal ? Scammers, stay away from them.

15.12.2019, 22:59
Using their PAMM service buyt clients can't withdraw money (no bonuses involved)

I've used Instaforex since 2017 Nov and under my PAMM account I've clients who placed money with them. Recently some clients tried withdrawing money and started encountering problems (Some withdrawals listed as processed but never received, some withdrawn US$2k but obly US$800+ received) . Peter from Kubin, Slovakia below if you think I'm a looser who is pissed off... you are 1/2 right because I'm pissed but not looser. You can check https://www.instaforex.com/forex_monitoring.php?trader=5932362#/

15.12.2019, 23:01
never deposit on this broker

I was withdraw 57 USD and i was make profit 86 usd. but they don't give my profit. i was able to withdraw only 52 usd. they was cancel my profit.

15.12.2019, 23:02
Scam alert

Wow seriously bad! None of the platforms work or at least they do not close trades when requested. Whenever this happens with a broker it is an alarm bell to dodgy practices. Im not talking about 1 request I'm talking about 5 or more requests to close a trade. Maybe using mt4 no problem I don't know but webtrader and mobile app no success many times over.

No serious trader can operate in this environment. I spent ages with this bonus account then traded up to $3000 with ease real money. But this repeated no quotes and not being able to close a losing trade. Wow seriously scam alert man don't deal with this. Be wise and avoid!!

I still cannot understand why any broker would not want to facilitate their traders to do well. It is very sad indeed.

15.12.2019, 23:03

This is the hardest broker to deal with compared to any other broker. Yet they claimed to be number 1. From registration hustle, withdrawal, account hustle, trade hustle, everything is legging.

Just go to other broker. this broker is full of shit.

15.12.2019, 23:04
100% scam, beware

100% Scam. As long as you are losing money, everything will seem fine, almost too good to be true. As soon as you make any kind of decent profit or even recoup a substantial amount of your previous losses, they will make excuses and simply remove your profits.

They'll cite clauses in the agreement that say they can do this when there are "technical errors". These "technical errors" will only come into play when you make a profit, then the profits will be taken away, if you lose money due to these errors they will never give back those losses.

There's nothing you can do to prevent these "technical errors" from affecting you since you don't even know they are present until after your profits have been taken away.

Basically it's like going to a casino where you make a bet on roulette, and if any number you didn't choose comes up, you lose, and when the number you chose comes up, the casino says there were "technical errors" and gives you your original bet back, but takes away the profits.

15.12.2019, 23:04
I Cant withdraw money

I have more than 1 year with Instaforex, without any problem, at the beginning.
From the last 6 months to now, It is very difficult to open a position quickly, some times the server take almost 1 min trying to open a position, and not only open, change SL or TP its also soooo slow.
I had the following problems:
- 1 sep 2017: #HPQ #PAF orders: 1275841582, 1276426036. the stop loss was not respected, SOLVED.
- 22 Jan 2018: #CL order: 1295471810. stop loss was not respected. NOT SOLVED. the claim is about the time. why #CL close +2 before (your like says 01:00 to 24:00)
You can see, the position was close: 20:13:20. CL was closed 2 hrs before the right time .
- 18/24 May 2018: price error in all indices. Split on #SPX (from 2730 to 273), ofc its sever error. The problem continues today
- 28 Jun 2018: #MON. order:1309405383. SOLVED. MT4 msgbox said "No price". they close the position from the server.
- 27 Jun 2018: Im trying to withdrawa my money and even today, I cant.
My visa card was stolen (I made the deposit to instaforex with this card)
I send many mails to different departments, they askme the pic from my new card and i send (6 Jul 2018) to change_requisites@mail.instaforex.com, and I still do not receive any response.
I tried to do the withdraw by BankWire, they said: "The reason for it is your ordering a withdrawal to a payment system other than the one you used for funding your trading account" and how i can do that if i cant do that by visa card???
the next week will be 1 month and i still cant withdraw my money.
Terrible service.
I hope with this, they will respond soon.

15.12.2019, 23:05
Instaforex big scam

Inorder to withdraw funds I am failed to get fully verify my account due to their verification system.

15.12.2019, 23:06
I have been scammed by instaforex

My mistakes because I did not referred to the reviews. I made wire transfer in order to deposite my account (5934096) since 20th.June 2018 last month. But until now (12th. July 2018), my account has not been deposited yet. The amount is usd1500. Stay away. They are scammers. I will post my case to all forex forums until they give my money back.

15.12.2019, 23:06

Instaforex and Forexmart both are same Broker but due to negative REview and lot of scam instaforex change his name forex mart plz be safe with these broker they both are scammer

15.12.2019, 23:06
Dont register
Nonsense broker

They failed to verify my account so that I won't be able to withdraw my profits

15.12.2019, 23:07
unethical scum

This company is the absolute worse. Their sales representatives constantly spam and harass you to deposit. And when you do deposit, suddenly there's issues withdrawing. Their verification system is a complete joke and designed not to work. It's OK if you lose money ... but if you make any kind of significant amount they will find some reason to not to give it to you.

I'm actually with two other amazing brokers and was trying to diversify my substantial portfolio by adding another broker:InstaForex. I had already read the reviews here but wanted to see for myself... oh boy, did they show me!

STAY AWAY FROM INSTAFOREX. Just like it says at ForexPeaceArmy, instaforex is the lowest of the low!

15.12.2019, 23:08
Total Scam. Do not waste time and money.

Hello. My account number with insta forex is 770312. I would like to say that every thing here in FPA is true for instaforex. It is pure scam company. Worst on planet. I turned my 20 dollar into 7762 dollars in 6 months but when i sent withdrawal. They cancel all the money and replied to withdraw my own money which is only 20 dollar. Now They are unable to reply on emails. Nor trying to contact via chat. They only refer to antifraud which is actually totally fraud. I need to submit my case here in court so that every thing should come true. Admin please help me how to file the case against this bulls*** which still exist. I am too trying to file the case against all the IBs here in pakistan who are doing working with this bullered culprit.

Hello. I want to warn you that do not waste your time with this culprit person who is claiming to run instaforex. It is not a company. Only a no of culprit running the website and some greedy people are attached with them from different location of world which they called their offices (totally lier) Hell for them . My account with them was 770312 . I had deposited 20 dollars and turned those dollars into 7762 dollars in 6 months. they tried much to beat me but they lose. When i sent them withdrawal they cancel all the profit by error order of 1450 dollars, rebate cancelled of 2400 dollars and rest are cancelled by point 5.12 which relates to news tradings. I told them how can you put point 5.12? you can see i have traded more than 2700 trades in different times and different pairs and in normal market conditions. mostly more long term trades, that took more than 2 days opened but they were unable to satisfy me. Now they are not giving my profit and saying to withdraw your own money which is 20 dollar. I have losted in many times more than 1000 dollars and now I have won but they are not giving me that money. Please admin see this case. I Can not attach the history of my all trades as it only opens in browser and also history is more than (1 MB) Admin please help here so that all the proof should be infront of every one that insta is totally scam..

15.12.2019, 23:09
it's a fraud and you can never withdraw your money.

Instaforex is a scam and fraud. After I deposited US$200 to test the system via my credit card (verified), I decided to make a withdrawal because the spreads for minor and cross are way too expensive and for majors you always have to hit their reprice button. And they REFUSED TO LET ME WITHDRAW MY MONEY TO THE ORIGNAL CREDIT CARD. On the basis of I couldn't verify my address. I have sent in a numerous copies of my utilities and cables bill for the verification and they kept rejecting on the basis it does not come with a signature or stamp. Nowadays all the bills are computer generated and they don't have signatures or stamps. I just don't know why they can't transfer the money back to the original credit card (which most brokers do).
In my opinion it is a fraud!

15.12.2019, 23:10
InstaForex will deduct money from Profits, claiming bonus settlement.

InstaForex will deduct money from Profits, claiming bonus settlement.
In my case they gave me 255 USD bonus and cancelled it, and additional 365 USD deducted from profit.

Withdrawal is big problem : You have to beg for money.

Worst broker in the industry.

15.12.2019, 23:11
Scammest broker I've ever seen.

they are saying they will give $3500 but it is not. they gave me just $1000. they said system is giving money automatically. and dont belive this. their account is just micro or nano account. in reality it's not 1000, 100 maybe even 10 dollars. And guess what I made profit with this account, first i have made a loss till 350. and after that i made that $350 more than $1250 and they just closed my open positions with a message "make deposit to continue to trade", "minimum deposit $100". there was no need to deposit when i'm losing right?

-You need to trade at least 3 lots to withdraw 1 dollar. This makes nearly impossible to withdraw any good profit
-they are saying $3500 and it is not. they gave me just 1000
-they dare to close my open positions. I understand they have a point. but how can you touch my positions? maybe i'll add money huh? You'r proving that you will scam my real accounts too right?
-And your website is really bad, i'm trying but always getting error to upload new documents. so you won't give my earned money too huh?
-Actually this is good, you can be sure i'll not make any deposits.
-Scammest broker I've ever seen.

15.12.2019, 23:12

I started trading with one of their Bonus accounts and made quite a bit of profit. So they locked the account and ask for real money to be transferred. So I transferred USD 351.35 to my account. But for some reason (!!) less then that amount was credited to my account, and therefore they insisted that i needed to transfer more! I refused and after many emails, I decided to withdraw my money again, So I withdrew the complete amount, which was just sitting there for a month or so. From the initial deposit of USD 351.35 I got USD 237.99 back!!! I have since written many emails and asked for a detailed breakdown, but to no avail. No reply whatsoever!! Total scam!

15.12.2019, 23:13
won't process withdrawal due to bogus reasons

Scammers. They keep coming up with an excuse not to return my money to the credit card i used to deposit into Instaforex even though I have provided all the required documentation. I have sent utility bills, bank statement, telephone bill and they reject them all what else can I send? Also when I place the same trade on Instaforex and on another broker, there is hardly any profit on instaforex yet on the other broker the same trade has made lots of profit. Scammers, don't get duped out of your money by this scam broker you will be just giving it to thieves

15.12.2019, 23:13
total scam.

they just cheat and, take money. do not expect anything from them. I doubt they even trade your positions. I lost my deposit in spite of earning more than 10%. they are totally fake.

15.12.2019, 23:14
InstaForex Scan

InstaForex is a big scam they don't give you profit you make from trading with the bonus they give you and they freeze your account. When you deposit the required $100 they withdraw the profit you made from the fee bonus.

15.12.2019, 23:14
SCAM by Instaforex.com.

They lure the clients by offering startup bonus and referral programs and then freeze the clients account at their own will w
Instaforex.com is totally a SCAM. They set a trap by giving you a free $500 bonus and project as if you can withdraw money if you make profit out of it and trading a volume at least 3 times worth of bonus amount. However, they freeze your account if you make profit. I made more than 10% profit in a single day and the very next day they freeze my account, asking me to deposit real money. I fear the worst for the losers who will be motivated to deposit their real money with them, with no hopes to ever recover from them. I wasted my total time and effort with Instaforex.com. They are surely a SCAM.

15.12.2019, 23:15

No deposit bonus.This is a SCAM. They will not release the profit on this account untill you made an equivalent amount of deposit. They will block your account, cease the profit you made until you make the deposit. YOU SHOULD ALSO DISCLOSE THAT IN BOLD.PROFIT NOT WITHDRAWABLE. My account number is 2763438 so that you don't think that I have any agenda. I will ensure that no one else falls in this scam and waste there time. For the time I spent, I made them profit and high spread.

15.12.2019, 23:15
My name is ruel yas alcober today june 20 2017 my account block by instaforex without any reason first i made witdraw amount 0f 133$ after a weeks i recieve my witdraw in ny skril.then i start trading again.friday june 17 2017 i made 214$ in witdraw it again to my skrill in then sunday i check my account if i recieve my withdraw in still not there.i woke up monday morning in i still dont recieve my withdraw.i contact support in they tell me dont worry you will recieve your withdraw today..then tuesday when i check my skrill still dont have it..in when i try to log in to my account i cant log in it say wrong password i contact live support then win they check my account they said my account was block by anti fraud department.in they said i will contact antifaruad deoartmebt in send scan id in ny phone password in account number.i send all my available ducuments id with my photo.in now untill now i dont recieve any email fir anti fraud to explain to me why they block my account.i know all they rules in i kkow in my self that i clear in i dont vialoted any rules.they said they will review my acvoubt within 10 days.so if ever within 10 days i dont recieve my withdraw i will update.im sad right now dont have energy.i dont know any reason why they did it..sad instaforex

15.12.2019, 23:16
What a waste of my time and money (commission i paid to deposit and then withraw funds)

total waste of my time. I have been trying to verify my account to level 2 but it seems just impossible. Initially it is said that you need to provide your bank statement to get level 2 verification. So I did. then they said i needed to provide another SEALED document or signed and stamped bank statement! Of course i have neither - i am with HSBC they do not do stamps! So then they said that my russian passport would do. I uploaded. again - declined now they need a page with my registered address wich is in the passport - provided. Declined again - now they want ANOTHER document which has expiry and issue date on it! It would be the THIRD identity document they want plus the bank statement i have submitted already. Well i just gave up and withrew my deposit - it seems they make it impossible because only level 2 can be eligible for any of their bonus system. Never again.

15.12.2019, 23:16
terrible broker.

I signed up and was verified status before making deposit. Make deposit thru paxum and subsequently with neteller. However my account got unverified for no reason after 1 mth trading.

still trying to get my verified status back. They claimed i need to have signature on my passport which SERIOUSLY, i am from Singapore, i dont have to sign my passport and i will never do that to damage my passport just for Instaforex. The documents i supplied are the same documents that i used to get verified with FXopen Oanda and XM without any problems !

15.12.2019, 23:18
my name is rauf and i have a partner account in instaforex.. my account number is 8840654... im an instarebate affiliate since 3 months...
i am working hard for making referrrals.. they were paying my comissions regularly but last week they declined my payment of 75$....and im not getting any comission from my referrals. since last weeek.....i have more than 10 referrals and you cant waste my hard working.....thank GOD all of my referrals are my friends and now i will to suggest them a new broker...never going to work with instaforex...more than 5 lac clients are from pakistan in instaforex...my pakistani brothers dont waste your time and money in instaforex and search for a legit broker for trading...

15.12.2019, 23:18

Its not news that instaforex is a SCAM, in fact one out of the greatest SCAMMERS in the history of the market. They started as a market makers and are still a market maker, the spread on their platform and its interface can prove that. They are online scam that has been rejected by many regulators and country all over the world, and many organizations has warned traders to stay away from instaforex, that's why instaforex is an offshore broker. I don't know why the crook IFX Yvonne is defending this company. Well, they pay her salary to defend their scam, I am not surprised. They have banned accounts of more than 200 traders I know around the world, and they will keep on telling you to go to the antifraud department of the same company, can you imagine that? They are the fools, not us. THE BOTTOM LINE IS; KEEP OFFFFFFFFFFFF, AND DON'T LET IFX YVONNE TRICK U, INSTAFOREX PAYS HER SALARY. INSTAFOREX IS A DEVIL AND SCAM OF ALL TIME

15.12.2019, 23:20
This is my email which I have sent to instaforex offices. Bellow like a last part of this comment, you can see their response. I need to say, my husband had opened account with instaforex also few months ago, but this account isn`t active long time. So I`m not connected with any other account and it`s not forbidden to open account for family members. They are liers and frauders, I mean also they are not regulated. In next days I`ll give complaint for fraud with money in the police office here in czech republic. So this the email:

Hello all,

Now you have to convict yourself, so you have today, that you deliver me the rest of my profit, which was around 260 usd while you blocked my account. You transact with customers' accounts and do illegal actions. if I'll be forced I publish this entire procedure on all relevant pages. Also, it will be delivered to regulatory agencies, which will be confirmed if ever you are in control of one of them.

So, step by step:

1. the latest daily confirmation I received from you by March 19, 2016, while I traded up 22.03. 2016

2. part of my profit in the amount of $ 80, I posted into my neteller account on March 22, 2016

3. my account was blocked in 23 March 2016 after what I asked why the money transfer takes so long, if at Neteller services mentioned 1-7 working hours

4. Even though my account was blocked, yet you sent me those 80 usd in 24.3.2016 after I wrote about this problem on the fxdailyinfo.com

5. In the event that you sent me the specific amount of $ 80, so it means that everything was fine and I did not break any rules and you have confirmed this by this step

6. from your side it is illegal manipulation of client accounts

7. I hereby ask you to send the rest of my profit that was in the moment you've blocked my account around 260 usd. In otherwise, it matter, I`ll tell the competent authorities about an attempt to fraud money of the client

Regards, Andrea


The account 5461975 was blocked due to the following paragraph of the
Agreement of No Deposit Bonus:

10. The client agrees that in the event the company suspects any fraud
activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the
trading result can be annulled.

Our system revealed connection between the account 5461975 and other
account(-s) registered with us. The campaign is aimed only at new
customers with single account and any direct or indirect sign of
violation of the specified principle leads to application of the
clause 10.

The account was deposited using bonus funds only so it was blocked permanently.

Sincerely yours,
AntiFraud Department
InstaForex Group

P.S.: I have to say, they let me 3 weeks to trade without any notification I`m connected with other account, but in the moment of withdrawal it was the problem immediately

2016-03-26 1Star ATTENTION !!! SCAM !!!

So, here we go :) How I awaited, my account was blocked in the moment of withdrawal process. 3 weeks till my withdrawal process was everything clear, any troubles, good trading, no broken rules by my side, very friendly support from instaforex, but in the moment you want withdraw your money, your account is blocked, but first they take no deposit bonus back from your account, plus 20 percents and of course from every trade 3 pips and more. One day before my withdrawal action I`ve got email from bonuses office I can withdraw part of my profit, any problem there and then... You`ll get nothing and 3 weeks without any job behind. This same thing happened all other clients reviewed in previous comments their stories with instaforex on other sites like bestforexbonus.com, fxdailyinfo.com and others. My story I`ll write to all relevant sites and also I ask regulators about legality of this concrete bussiness. Please don`t hasitate other scammed clients to contact me with your stories on my email jazbrnenska@seznam.cz. And this is a response of instaforex support. I don`t understand why I have to contact antifraud office if I didn`t do anything wrong against the rules. Antifraud office has a ready response to me from thirst day what I have created and opened my account. I`m ready to give all proofs to FPA or to other relevant stuff.


Dear Client, Kindly be informed that Your account is blocked. For further details regarding this situation, we kindly ask you to send a mail to antifraud@mail.instaforex.com, our corresponding department will give you proper explanation about it. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your letter. Sincerely yours, Client Service InstaForex Group http://instaforex.com

15.12.2019, 23:21
Instaforex is scam broker.

I deposite 200$ through skrill and i make 150$ profit.i send withdraw request.I wait on week my withdraw can not proceed.When i contact it he can not reply my email.At the end he disable my account and i loss my all money.
I advice to every one can not invest in insta

15.12.2019, 23:21
I deposited 60 € in this broker and after few months tried to withdraw it. That funds was in pending process for a week and after that they just disappeared and in my balance left 0.1 € That can't tell me where they are, nobody knows...

15.12.2019, 23:22
InstaForex is probably the most questionable broker on the net.

I write because I had an account with them what was the bigger mistake in my trading history, but peoples learn hard way!


They provide deposit from 1 USD, swap-free account to everyones, and 3 pips in major currencies without additional fees/commissions.
Their customer service is rude, platform via web and also via MT4 and MT5 very slow and prices what they provide differ at least 4-5 pips all the time from the real market prices (at some news releases with 40-50 pips (!) for 1-2 min)
InstaForex gladly use price re-quote if market gonna with you, or if you have placed an order (buy/sell stop/limit) they usually execute it at another price what is better for them.
No doubt you will be robbed if you trading with InstaForex, however money withdrawal working slowly and only with small amounts, above 3000 USD you will never see your money/profit, you can be sure!
Above 10% profit per transaction of your initial deposit InstaForex cancel immediately your profit and scalping is although allowed in clients agreement but really no, because also all profit what you make with scalping below 5 min time period gonna be canceled by AntiFraud department and if you place a withdrawal request that will be canceled as well by reason that you tried to cheat the company before.

Why they can do that all?

--> because InstaForex is a non-regulated online broker company, who do everything by itself

Why can be InstaForex since 2007 on the market?

--> InstaForex try to get new clients all the time with promises like "you can win Porsche car" or "you can win 5000 USD daily in the competition" ..etc. and focus to get newby clients who will deposit in the beginning a small amounts and can get a commission when they attract their friends. If no attracting and you begin to make a profit they begin to cheat you and do everything against your profitability.


A V O I D InstaForex, but if at all cost you wanna try and trading with InstaForex be very-very careful, deposit only small amount, trade only with small amount, and put request to withdrawal only small amounts otherwise you will be cheated and robbed very quickly.

15.12.2019, 23:23
Vary bad brokr.

Don't open trading account at instaforex. Very high speard and need long time for withdraw!

2015-10-26 1Star instaforex is a bad broker. Very high spread and withdraw fee. And they are Big market maker.

15.12.2019, 23:24
Instaforex block permenently my account with the stupid reason..

The account was excluded from no deposit bonus campaign in accordance with the "No Deposit Bonus Agreement":

10. The client agrees that in the event the company suspects any fraud activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the trading result can be annulled.

The account was deposited using bonus funds only so it was blocked permanently

They want trader money, scam, cheating us..but when we get the profit simply their suspect trader do the fraud activity..

15.12.2019, 23:26
insta forex ban my account with out any reason

they ban account with out any reason and told us only this mail to anit fraud and they told your account was ban beause you are forum member now tell me bonus if you give me what i not do posting there i work full month then you give us bonus fraud insta is fraud.

15.12.2019, 23:26
I ready a comment stating that all account blocked are of forum and like that, i want to reply to those who state real accounts are not blocked, i havent traded with instaforex from last 2 years, but was just working as IB, last night my account has been blocked and i had around 300 active clients, making 500 dollars of commission on daily basis, last night they blocked me i had 3000 dollars in account, i challenge them to come and face me, under what clause they deactivated my account? and if they claim any of my client did wrong, then what the hell one has to do with my commission, lastly there cannot be any sort of fraud in commission earned. forex industry is almost full of scammers, havent found any good broker so far other than 1 only

2013-09-12 1Star they are scam, they took away my 352 dollars and they are not replying their live chat ask me to contact their anticheat department, which never reply after i asked them to tell me account which i used to move the bonus, and its over 5 weeks they are not replying, fake company, never deposit a penny, their site is good their support is only good till the time you dont for withdrawal

15.12.2019, 23:26
sir i have problem instaforex many time block my account or when i say unblock then they say you talking antifroud so when i send email to then they say sorry i cant unblock your account so plz tell me what i do even they dont tell me why they block my instaforex account,

15.12.2019, 23:27
I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that instaforex is a scam before i know they are pure scam. If you are trading with little amount, you can still escape the scam of instaforex, but you can never have success with this broker. They disabled my trading account and that of my friends. And be very careful in dealing with Russia brokers now, they are having problem with that region at the moment. INSTAFOREX IS A PURE SCAM!!!

15.12.2019, 23:27
Insta Forex is a SCAM !! Stay Away Traders !

I have a prove from my account , statements and journal from MT4. who interested.
Did not paid $9900 !

15.12.2019, 23:28
have numerous issues with instaforex. first of all bonus are deducted in a stupid way. you are entitled to invest 50% of the bonuses. however, you get all bonuses withdrawn when money invested into pamm accounts. more than that, they charge even more, at the end they take your own money away. i've invested 1000, got 550 bonuses and then 601 deducted. no money is returned by now, they simply do not look at your issue.
the next issue is while you are trading.
first of all, commisions are high. it could've been ok if bonuses where given as promised. but while instaforex steals your money instead of giving bonuses, the commissions look outrageous.
secondly, yuo are not allowed to have a negative available margin for trading. the orders with highets loss are automatically closed when available margin is less than zero. surpisenly enough, they do not take into account your margin call level, but available margin. even if your open positions are profitable, you'le be stopped out on the position with the highest loss.
third. i subscribed to copying trades from other traders. i would not comment on their performance, but as usually, past performance is not even close to their live trading. i do not know how they beef up the historical results but their live trading is breakeven in the best case. to cut short, i was charged 600usd from my account for being subscribed to the copy trades. however, the profits made were only 60usd and the commission to be charged had to be 30usd.
if anyone can help with appealing to the traders court, please send an email mrworld@ukr.net

15.12.2019, 23:29
Me again ...

well ... instaforex took all my money as "clause 5.12"

5.12. When the price change, connected with the a difference between the instrument last price at market close and the instrument first price at market open, or connected with news release, leads to a profit higher than 10% of the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to use correction of such trade financial result in the size proportionate to the difference of the abovementioned prices in pips, by means of deducting the funds with the comment "Clause 5.12. correction". In certain cases it is at the Company’s discretion to set the minimal profit change below a 10% level (of the initial deposit).

Because I got margin call several times during news releases. When I made new deposit !!! they immediately take all my money !!


This is so funny how poor they are .. they need to scam people for 300 Euros !!!!! Very poor ...

And my withdrawal from June 2014 was not processed of course. It is still pending

1st class cheaters !!!!!! Do not join !!!!!!!!!

2014-07-08 Instaforex support told me my withdrawal will be processed in maximum of 5 days since I ask for withrawal.

Its already 5 days and I still dont have money and live chat still "sorry for delay" and other plain talking

I rate scam for now, if I receive withdrawal I will inform you

2014-07-06 2Star Hello all, I am client of Instaforex too, unfortunately they dont want to withdraw my money.

a, They say bitcoin withdrawals beeing processed in 1-7 hours.

Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3zo4us

b, I asked to withdraw my money on 1st July 2014, until today 6th July 2014 I did not get my money.

Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3zo4k1

Everytime when I visit live chat I get response like: "Sorry for delay it will be processed soon" or "It will be processed today"

So I decided to contact them:


I recievied this funny reply: :D

BitCoin is still being processed by our Finance Department as they need further analysis

"Further analysis" ? I did not scalp. I earned my money by 1 position

!!!!!!!!!!!!! So looks like they dont want to pay my money, until than I advice not to join them, when I get my withdrawal will inform you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edit Review

15.12.2019, 23:30
I have been Instaforex IB for years. At the first time, they pay my commission and my clients fund without any problem. Until 2 indicents :
1. Liberty Reserve was shut down on May 2013, my clients complained that InstaForex deducted 50% of their Liberty Reserve deposits (means they steal 50% of your deposit !). And the worst is you can withdraw 50% of the fund 6 months later (Nov 2013) !!
2. Im trying to withdraw my funds on 2014, and the withdrawal processing time was getting longer than usual. I had to send many emails until its processed. I used paypal after Liberty Reserve was shut down. And the bad thing happened after they recently blocked paypal (blocked on jun / may 2014). I thought this could be really wrong with instaforex, why should the blocked paypal ?? I sensed there was something wrong with this company. I was afraid of my fund safety then I used Neteller to withdraw the rest of my fund (around $270). Withdrawal initiated
on May 29 and they didnt process it until June 4. They sent an email :

Dear Client,

Unfortunately, instaForex Finance Department regrets to inform you that your withdrawal request has been rejected by the decision of Antifraud Department .

Sincerely yours,
International Finance Department
InstaForex Companies Group

Their explanation from AntiFraud Dept :

Dear Partner,

As you know Liberty Reserve payment system had shut down. Almost all
clients which currently registered in your affiliate group replenished
through that payment system.
The situation on those accounts fall under Clause 7.7.1 of the Public
Offer Agreement, according to which all funds deposited through the
payment system that later disappears are deducted from the trading
account of a customer, as the company is not a guarantor of any
payment system, and the money received through the payment system is
stored on the company's accounts with the system enabling the company
to quickly process your withdrawal requests. So the commissions
received from these accounts are subject for cancellation too.

But as an exclusion we allow our clients to withdraw funds from
accounts deposited via Liberty Reserve in accordance with the special
conditions. In your case we would like to offer to solve the problem
as follows:
your commissions were temporarily blocked and if you attract more new
unique active clients (at least 3) with the same regular active
trading as clients 7293227,7180214, 7168289 than the blocked
commissions will be restored.

As of now, I immediately send an email to my clients to withdraw all of their fund as soon as possible to prevent these thieves steal their money. If you are an IB of this broker, dont waste your time and effort introducing this scam broker to your clients, there are a lot of honest brokers outthere you can work with. I dont want you all to learn the hard way as I did. God bless you

15.12.2019, 23:31
Hi sir may real account is banned in insta forex why not conform sir please help me i am very poor man i am mange in some dollar and invest in insta forex

15.12.2019, 23:31
Just want to give information that some traders in here who claimed about their accounts got DEACTIVATED used bonus money and even though they didn't realize it but Insta think they abused the bonus program and there is an agreement for bonus program. So be careful with the guys like that, not even bucket shop disable accounts easily. Its just their unrealistic expectation to get a lot of money with bonus. Shame on them, they didn't dare to explain its bonus money from forum posting openly and pretended its their real money and they got robbed. I wish FPA makes a filter for traders who trade with real money and bonus money. Oh by the way, I'm not Insta staff, so that's another wrong thing from guy like inam who can only explode and cry without give the right information as he's wrong completely in his review plus like i said, some peoples in here hide the truth they use bonus money and pretend its their real deposit.

Thank you again for FPA to show up my review, just want to give the real situation in here objectively without being emotional

15.12.2019, 23:31
its a scan company,

I made a profit of 800 dollars they deactivated my account and told me i have made in illegal ways, i asked them to tell me what is illegal of making and if they have any proof do provide me, I will request FPA to remove all positive reviews as they are scam and most probably good reviews are left by their representatives from different part of world

15.12.2019, 23:32
with this f***ing company i have been traded for 2 years,and those were 2 worst year of my life.

if you have a account of 5$ initial balance and earn some cents weekly,you will observe no problem,but i you have account of over 500$ as initial balance,and you are making several hundred buck weekly,they screw you
they cancel your profit trades
won't give you your withdrawals
their f***ing accounts checking department and their f***ing anti-fraud department
(if profit trades are fraud,why the f*** people trade??? )
its the biggest ,gigantic SCAM broker in the world

(if you are always a loser in forex,JOIN them,if you make profits don't f***ing think about opening a account with them).

2013-09-19 1 Star as long as you are losing,they are good.when you get some profit,that's the place they f*** you.i have been working with them for 2 years,they scammed me when i was making profits,it happened 2 times.
do read their "clause 5.12" in terms of service.
because when you make profit they are going to delete your money with a stamp of "clause 5.12 correction"

15.12.2019, 23:33
SCAM. They refuse to process the withdrawal of MY DEPOSIT and profit!!!! Scam!

2013-12-27 1 Star Scam.
I had a small acount, I traded intraday (5 - 15 minutes bars) approx 3 days and I was not happy with the spread, so I requested my money back + profit (Netteller, on they website withdrawal is dome "between 1 and 7 hours")
After 1 week, 3 withdrawal attempts and no answer, I received the standard message:

"Please be informed that your report has been pass to our finance department. Please kindly wait the process until be completed.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your letter."
That was sent 1 week ago. I contacted them several times, the same message: "Please kindly wait"

It's not about money, as that's a small amount, but they're a scam! And if they're not able to pay few bucks as per their own terms and conditions, what if I had a 10.000 usd account with them?!

15.12.2019, 23:34
My account is 1285716. I have been submitted withdrawal request from 16/12/2013. And Now I am not received money from instaforex. I have contact many times via live chat and contact to Finance Department but they said that: please wait. I am still waiting but they don't reply. I say I need reason about delay payment but they don't reply email. Manager please for me a reason about that. I am dissatisfied with support of instaforex because They can't give me exactly reason. Please solve my problem soon, thank you!

15.12.2019, 23:34
Instaforex is the worst broker I have ever used.

Their support really sucks, they do not even pretend they are trying to help you they just copy paste part of terms.
They do not reply to emails.
They are delaying your withdrawal forever.

When I found how ridiculously high commission they have requested a withdrawal.
Nothing happen for a week – when I tried to find out why it took my hours of frustrating communication.
Finally I was told they will send my money after 45 days since deposit as a part of money laundering.
So I waited more than 45 days and requested withdrawal again.
After 8 days since withdrawal I still do not receive my money. I used moneybokers withdrawal that should take 1-7 hours as stated on their own portal.
They did completely ignore my emails they keep saying ‘we sent it to financial specialist’ on Skype.
They keep bull***&ting me on chat. Still they were not able to answer
Of course I can prove everything I stated here.
When I receive my money
And why does it take so long

All in all Instaforex is definitely scam.

15.12.2019, 23:35
They are not more than a fraud, their antifraud department is just totally fraud department,

they disabled my account during trade, when i was making profit more than my investment, they captured all my profit including that one which was in process for withdrawal.
plz do something against this big big fraud.

15.12.2019, 23:36
scaaaam broker ,

insta has just disabled my account in order not to pay me .

15.12.2019, 23:37
insta forex is totally scam broker

so i suggest you don't waste you time and money for today proof check this it's happened with me today when i withdraw my profit from my investment ..

15.12.2019, 23:38
this is a scam company

i had 252 dollars in my account and i made 210 profits last week and i requested them for withdrawal they disabled my account and their anti-fraud department isnt replying, they just told me company has right to disable any account and hold all payment and profit made on it, can anyone help me in getting my money back? Is there any way to get the money back? please help

15.12.2019, 23:38
i open the account in instaforex scam broker some month before and make some profit then i send the request for withdraw my profit they block my all profit i worked hard and they waste my deposit and time pleas i request to my dear friend don,t waste your time in scam broker

15.12.2019, 23:39
Instaforex continues scamming people,

they are not withdrawing clients money on their accounts,at firs they removed my 141$ from my account,then asking to submit documents and after submission they block account and you will never see your money.


For start they said that this happens because of Liberty Reserve closing BUT I use skrill,PayPal - anyway they act like don't here any voice or problem!

Their Russian support disappeared,also support don't uses names any more + last years contacting support was easier now I think they have fired big part of staff and step by step they are getting to declare "bankruptcy" and eat peoples money!

Insta Forex's history is finished!
1 more broker will stay in Past!
Just the question is: how much this will cost for people?!

15.12.2019, 23:40
Never ever go within 1000 feet of this broker if you value your fund.

They are the scum of the earth. Imagine trying to recoup their losses from Liberty reserve from their clients, through convoluted linguistic jargon. Who are trying con. So long your firm exit i would continue to blacklist it, Be aware you have a huge number of client from my country , definitely would start from their.Ode

15.12.2019, 23:42
Please all traders intending to open an account with this broker should have a quick change of mind. They are the biggest scam broker i have ever come across.

First, they are not ECN! They are fraudulent market makers!
I have an EA that trades new releases. The EA was doing well and I gave copies to some of my friends who trade on instaforex too; but on small account - less than $200 precisely. When my account started growing very well, instaforex started cancelling my successful trades. They will quote one useless clause on their agreement, sometimes they say you are fradulent and the antifraud department will investigate your trade. I wonder when news trading became fraudulent. The most amazing thing is that I take identical trades with the friends I gave the EA and we make the same amount of loss/profit in pips, but they dont cancel their successful trades like they cancel mine, just because they trade small accounts. The cancellation of successful trades became more rampant when I added the account to their pamm system.

Apart from successful trade cancellation, they tweak their platform, their fixed spread is not fixed as they appear. They increase it without you knowing. I have experienced a slippage of over 30pips! On one occassion, I was trading Australia cash rate and the trade was going my way. I had already secured some pips waiting for it to hit my target. Their dealing desk people just closed the trade! I was watching the platform, the current price was about 10pips or more from my secured profit price. They closed it because they knew it was going to hit my target. That was not all, later in the day, they cancelled it.
My question is do they cancel unsuccessful trades and return back your money to your account? Never!
An ECN that allows a minimum deposit of less than a dollar - that should send the signal. They are fraudulent and not true ECN. I don't blame them, the body regulating them is weak.

If you need sincere brokers, go for NFA, CFTC and FCA regulated brokers. Anything outside these, you are going to give your money away to fraudsters like instaforex.

I will never stop telling retail traders on review site to stay away from instaforex. I went through hell while trading with them and I don't wish anybody to experience that. People want to trade to earn a living not to be ripped off the little money they have.

15.12.2019, 23:42


15.12.2019, 23:44
Instaforex stole my money and my friend's.

The first happened like 3 months ago. They took the money to a PAMM account illegally. All the trade was lost. The second case is they took my other friend's money..the same way. The third case they took 2 accounts of mine each US$1400 to trade on a PAMM account illegally, this time the thief was used my own name..All trades was lost. And I ask Instaforex to trace the IP, and ask my money back. The same answer: According to the point 7.6.4. of Insta Service Ltd. public offer agreement the Client is responsible for keeping confidential information, which he receives from dealer. The Client also assumes risk of any financial losses that may be caused by unauthorized access of third-parties to the client's trading account. So, we reccommend you to keep your personal data more carefully in further.

My conclusion... This company is totally scam....and we have to find the way to put the company to the international court, to be shut down.

15.12.2019, 23:45
One of the worst scamsters and robbers of all time

in forex history.I joined last year with an initial deposit of 150$ and made 400$ in profit .when i requested for a withdrawal of 550$.They simply deleted my profits stating errors in price and price correction and credited back my initial deposit.When i called up the support,they quoted some clause in the client agreement.But when I asked her about the statement they used to send me with the trading profits ,she didn't have an answer.It is high time such companies need be banned from the forex community.

15.12.2019, 23:45
Yesterday this company stole amount of $15234.75 from my trading accounts.

The sum has been accumulated as positive Swaps during the time period February 28th, 2012 through to October 19th, 2012. And this is not the first issue: on April the sum of $367.92 has been annulled in my trading account, but I ignored this as insignificant issue. Now, I cannot be silent, because $15234.75 is too much to ignore... I think, the traders' community should be informed about this SCAM company.
I'm giving 1 Star to the "InstaForex" company.

15.12.2019, 23:46

If u open trade, dont b surprised if u cant close it during peak time.
Amazingly, eventhough I already place a stoploss/target, it doesnt execute during peak time.

Another SINFUL thing it has. It doesnt like WINNING traders. So, if you have good strategy and wants to carry out trading, better trade elsewhere.

I have so many experiences, I cannot get my fund back after so many winning. They already provide so many damn excuses. The most common one is "it's our regulation to cancel any profit and not proceeding fund"

15.12.2019, 23:46
It is only malafied intentions of broker as when you order withdraw your amount got minus from your account and came into transition till withdrawls time and they use 2 too 5 days transfering this money and u even cant trade. i will never recommend this broker to new traders beacuse of their delayed tectis of wthdrawl using money by them. They canceled all my IB brokers profit . in short they are BIG SCAM.

15.12.2019, 23:47
i have traded with this Company but I never got any withdrawal.Then i enetered their Bonus for posting campaign and made Bonus 60 $ and with that Made 49.20$ trading NFP news But They cancelled all my bonus and profit without any reason.

15.12.2019, 23:48
Instaforex.com forex broker has failure to payout my withdrawals twice between July 2012 and August 2012. No explanation has been given so far.

15.12.2019, 23:48
Hi, based on good reviews from other sites, i have decided to deposit in this s*** broker InstaForex thru wire transfer, and it says in their website wire transfer takes 2-4 days. O.K. now it has been 14 days and my account balance is still zeeeero. I have been in contact with their customer support almost every day for the past two weeks and all their replys were: what is your accont number, when did you, which method, send me scans,how did you......... and after these loads of questions they all answer me this: WAIT

I know InstaForex is classified as SCAM in FPA but it is just my luck that I did not land in FPA on the right time.
Now I just want my money back (I am dreaming you know) but what can I do, I am really pissed.
I think InstaForex is gonna go out of business in the nearest future.
Guys, watch out and don't let this happen to you.

15.12.2019, 23:48
Terrible Broker.

Terrible, terrible service.

15.12.2019, 23:49
scam scam scam scam

The money which paid in is not reflected.

15.12.2019, 23:49
Terrible broker ,

i deposited 100$ in them made 60$+ profit and they removed 60$+ profit send 3 letters to finance department ,anti fraud , support and nobody answered what a poor broker should be if they remove 60$- usd profit ?

15.12.2019, 23:50
Their bonus is scam.

I deposit 100 USD, i recceive 30 $
I trade two order. They remove my bonus and don't send e-mail report for me. I had risk with 3th order

15.12.2019, 23:51
They not close my position after the price hit tp. They just want me to lose the trade after my technique make good profit. Lucky for me only trade using small lot.

15.12.2019, 23:51
It's scam broker!

I have $3884.34 USD balance on my account.
Instaforex deducted the total balance in my account with reason of (CANCEL ERROR ORDERS).
Now my balance is 0.00

15.12.2019, 23:52

Deposited $500 through bank wire transfer so everything is fully documented.

Been four weeks now of just a run-around between customer support and "finance department". Finance department is some anonymous group that seems to have templated answers basically all saying the same thing, "we can't find your money in our banks".

I have the SWIFT transfer documentation, all the details they need, but after hours of effort after 4 weeks I have $500 less money.

15.12.2019, 23:53

I invested $405 into instaforex PAMM ac Proportional
(7130135). Within 1 hour I requested money back, the request was processed and the next thing my account balance reads -

Balance -40.25
Equity -40.25
Margin Free -40.25

the PAMM trader in question has his statistics as follow, hours after my order cancellation was processed.

Project's profit:
Day profit Week profit Month profit Grows profit
+2.31% +9.03% +41.52% +152.62%

I have contacted them but no response..

15.12.2019, 23:54
offer agreement is one of weapon for scam broker

Dear derrick, ghana

I think you're cheated by dealer.
dealer = hacker
3 years ago, i opened account and then deposited after one day i couldnot open MT4 because password was changed by hacker, I only could see with investor password and then WD used investor password ( this is ODD ).
really liar !!!
bloody scammer

15.12.2019, 23:55
It is a pain! For more than two months INSTAFOREX doesn't process my withdrawal.

They always find new excuses and blaim me doing something incorrect reqesting the withdrawal. e.g. wrong payment system, bank account number doesn't match with the bank account name and so on....

This is a message to all the traders out there.

I N S T A F O R E X is the worst S C A M broker!!!!!!

2011-07-13 1Star Since the end of May I try to get my deposited money from INSTA. Many emails have been sent and the only thing I can see is the incompetence of the support.
Ekaterina Surkova was the only person who at least tried to solve the problem. But now I don't even get an answer anymore.

It's been started with a request about 600 Euro. First INSTA refused to transfer my money because they said it was the wrong payment system. But I have made my deposit via bank too. After two unavailing requests the next message from INSTA was that I use incorrect bank details. After two weeks conversation via email, Ekaterina Surkova explained that I have to write my bank address correctly. But on May 13th I requested 300 Euro and I got my money using the same bank requisites and now all these bank details are suddenly wrong????

After I tried it twice nothing happened. My requested money always has been transfered back into my trading account.
On June 18th I tried again to withdraw 2300 Euro and on June 24th another 700 Euro. On June 27th I received 677 Euro.
After I tried to get help from Ekaterina Surkova again I received an lapidary email that I should investigate where the money is because INSTA has transferred my 2300 Euro on June 18th. But everyone knows that I can not investigate because I am the receiver. So INSTA is responsible to find out where my money is.
But since June 29th I don't get any answer. And still I haven't received my 2300 Euro too.
In my oppinion this is the result of the lack of competence at INSTA support and I believe that INSTA is a scam too. They try to cheat and I never will do any business with INSTA again.

15.12.2019, 23:56
Forget trying to withdraw,

I cant even deposit my money with them!! Moneybookers says they have received my money but I try in vain to get it credited to my account. Please nobody open an account here!!

15.12.2019, 23:57
This broker realy enemy of FPA , please see some Offer Agreement
5.5. The company reserves the right to dismiss a claim in the following cases:
- the claim is marked with obscene words or/and insults to the Company or its officials;
- the claim contains the threats to the Company or its officials;
- the customer threatens to stain the reputation of the Company using social networks and other community resources. (ex: FPA, forexindo, twiter, facebook )

I have bad experince with this broker , many cases if we have much profit. your profit will be reducted with this method :
- Cancel order error
- Gap corrections
- Negative balance if request WD
- cancel bonus spontanic when your balance near call margin.
- when open position in mayor news , MT4 death several MINUTES or mt4 down.

FPA should give label "FULL SCUM" not only alert , so no more victims again, like www.prime4x.com. ( website is close and canot request WD )

15.12.2019, 23:58
Dear FPA Members!

I have requested for a withdrawal request of 300USD on 19apr from 1009747 account, But i dint received yet I have emailed them for several time, chat online even called them on phone but every time they say they will pass your
request to finance department.

My details are.

AC: 1009747
Amount: 300USD
Date: 19 Apr 2011

Note: I have been trading with this company for more than 6 months but i havent requested for a withdrawal as when ever i reach the top suddenly my account washes due to them so finally i thought of quitting the company and
get my remaining funds that are 300usd left but no use. I deposit and deposit but every time they refuse to give my money back till i lost again in my trades. Every time they say decline exchange etc, but i use same method for deposit and withdrawal.

I have all the evidence i can provide if needed further.


15.12.2019, 23:58
Instaforex is a real scam company.

They have not allowed me to withdraw my profit. When I requested a withdrawal it gets refunded to my account again. Almost one month over. They are thieves.

Bloody Bastards.
Go To Hell.

Dont deposit any monety with these mother f***ers.

15.12.2019, 23:59
Instaforex are scammers. dont ever invest there and for others who have invested

there already withdraw it immediately ( although i doubt you will get your


I waited for my withdrawal chasing after them for 5 days and they were always asking

me that my withdrawal is under process and it will be done as soon as possible. But

on 6th day when i checked my instaforex account i found that instead of processing

my withdrawal they deliberately refunded the withdrawal back to me account. They did

this because my account balance was in negative and they know i will either switch

to other broker or open another account so they smartly adjusted my withdrawal money

with the negative balance.

This scammers can do anything with your account too. Beware. This company was also

listed in the Frauds list mentioned my forexpeacearmy.com

15.12.2019, 23:59
This broker is really a scam

I already make a deposit to the account of a private real $ 50 on February 3, 2011 but until now did not deposit into the account. Also common requote.

16.12.2019, 00:00
Till date I have not gotten my monies from instaforex.

First complaint
I want to tell you about my account (228378) Account Name: Oladunni Feyiropo in InstaForex.
I have opened this account on January 2011, and deposited $100, the first order was opened and after that I have opened and closed positions on different pairs.

Until Friday evening 2011.01.07 at 15:48, the balance of the account was $2194.67.
I placed a withdrawal for 2094.24, which was not grant. I saw on my statement that some bonuses were cancelled and $17.30 was transferred to one of my account (213204) to this account 228378, that was not bad.
But Amazingly I saw a ticket number: 53209679 on 2011.01.10 at 13:55 that $1,456.21 was debited from my account. With the tag CANCEL ERROR ORDERS.
Till date Instaforex have not refunded my $1,456.21.

Second complaint

On my account 213204, I notice instaforex transferred part of my money to some of my accounts.
Surprisingly they also transferred the sum of $489.73 to 228683, an account that is not mine. That was on 2011.01.10 at about 10:18.
I asked if I ordered this transfer, I got no reply.
I have sent several emails telling them the account is not mine, and I didn't issue such transfer and that they should refund my money.
Till date I have not gotten my monies from instaforex.

16.12.2019, 00:01
warning scam of this broker....stay away from this f*** broker

i witdhrawal my money 2 months a go but not come to my LR yet and my account had been locked by this broker cause of that
on monday November 29, 2010 my account can open but my total capital margin is $0, and i check theres no transfered withdrawal to my Liberty Reserve account, i ask the live support and they answer "your account number was not registried yet, please register to join us"
and i said "i was join in here already 1 years a go" and they answer "sorry you must register and your accunt number not detected in our service" ??????????????

the result is my account had been deleted by this d*mn broker,
just beware for another trader, better witdrawal all of your money now


16.12.2019, 00:02
Warning about this broker.

they also using their forum at MT5.com to make a fake review about this broker. also beware about their IB or their Reseller. They are contains some thief too.

Their advertisement is also bulls***.

Throw away this broker, because they are danger,
I'm also can't withdraw my money in here (luckily it is just small money), very hard to withdraw if you got a profitable result in your trading account.

16.12.2019, 00:03
THIS INSTA FOREX is one of SCAM broker that i found latest.

even their BONUS given is scam. why?
let me tell u my story. I deposit 1000 dollar, i get bonus 30%,, equity become 1300 dollar. I trade all, and loss.
Next, i deposit again 200 dollar, get bonus 60$. I trade, and win 120$ . Equity become: 200+60+120 =380. I request to withdraw all the money. You Know how much i could withdraw??? It's only 20 dollar man!!!! WTF. WHY? first time they give me 300$, but we NEED to PAY NEXT TIME WE DEPOSIT! 380 (equity) - 300 (first bonus) - 60 (second bonus) = 20 dollar left!! F**K

WHAT ABOUT IF I deposit 200 $ , then suddenly need money and CANCEL trading. I m sure i could NOT withdraw that 200 Bucks i deposit. because the first bonus is 300$, that 200$ is still less to pay my 300 DEBT!

Thanks to FPA. KEEP WARN PEOPLE about INSTA. Seems this company getting bigger in Asia, I think nobody know about this scam think because never experienced like i did

16.12.2019, 00:04
Only one short word for this company : SCAM !!!!

Go to hell with my money

16.12.2019, 00:05

16.12.2019, 00:06
This broker is the worst broker i have ever experienced with.

-They are literally scammers.
-their support never replies properly in live chat at all.
-Their spreads are very big and price is always different from any other broker.you can see the price is always 5-6pips away from curreny market price from any other broker.
-They give you bonus which is a noob trick to attract customers and scam them.
-I deposited 100$ and lost some of my money because of their stupid spreads and price lagging.
-THE MAIN THING- when i requested a withdrawal through LR it was only 37.5$ which was left in my account,i lost the remaining,i contacted their support 10times in 7 hours to process it soon as i had to pay some one. SUPPORT IS WORST IN ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS.they said they will process it today itself but never recieved the money.Already the day is over and today is saturday.They are pure liers.They will scam your money easily.I got scammed with these dirty scam broker.


16.12.2019, 00:06
Bucketshop!! SCAM!!

Requotes, common errors, context busy.. until you lose all trades. If you ever win, you are simply disabled. Very bad support, i will never use them ever again. Be aware.

16.12.2019, 00:07
Veru bad bucketshop.

Deposit, made 4 trades, last trade some profit and they make slippage 5 pips !!!! bastards! immediatelly closed account and withdrawal (had to wait 2 or 3 days).

16.12.2019, 00:08
Stay Away from this broker ,

deposit is very easy and withdraw is too long and sucks...

I said this broker like dracula only want to suck people money..

16.12.2019, 00:09
they are really unhonest broker i ever seen.

please ont waste your money for this scammer.they are really twister.

16.12.2019, 00:09

When I was getting started with my forex trading several months ago I was looking to fund an account and I came across Instaforex. They seemed to offer a lot of bells and whistles as far as benefits so I thought I would give it a shot.

When I attempted to fund my account with a credit card, not only did the charge appear in my statement with an unexpected extra $700 charge that was not reflected in the trading account balance (which they later attempted to pass off as a 'transaction fee' even though no such fee was ever mentioned beforehand), but they refused to cooperate one iota with any of my requests to rectify the situation. Additionally it was very suspicious that the charge was listed under some merchant name other than "Instaforex" and the merchant type was listed as "vehicle expense". This is what tipped me off that these people are not legitimate.

I opened a complaint with my credit card company and they took care if things from there. I can't claim that I have been scammed since I did not lose any money due to intervention by my credit card company, however it was definitely a very unpleasant experience. They tried calling my cell phone long distance several times in the middle of the night trying to talk me into staying with them using very broken English but I just hung up on them most of the time since the couple times I tried talking to them it was very clear my message was not getting through and they had other plans in mind for my money.

I didn't think to leave this review until I got the email which was sent out this morning about the scam they are running, so here I am adding fuel to the fire. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH INSTAFOREX OR YOU WILL GET BURNED.

16.12.2019, 00:10
this is a real scam broker.

they deleted all of my profit from my history.near 1500$.i contacted them via email and phone but nobody answer me.the interesting things is only malasiyan and indonesian support this scammers.i think this broker is not russian based broker.they are indonesian.

16.12.2019, 00:11
i was scammed by instaforex, my case was just like yulia.

i "buy" with 3lot on AUD/USD when market was going to close, and when market opened on monday. i got alot of profit.
i got $445, so i made withdrawal request. but after waiting so long my withdrawal had not been processed.
and when i checked my MT4..i was surprised because in my MT4 there are not history of my order and my profit. that's really strange..
instaforex cheated on me..
i can't accept this cheating sir. i need your help indeed..
what should i do to return my profit?
i will be so please if you would help me..
here is my log of transaction

My account :38237

06:00:28 '38237': order #1627657 buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.0000 closed at price 0.6891

if you could make it all clear i will be so happy..
thanx alot

16.12.2019, 00:12
i am the client of instaforex
i have lost my profit and my withdrawal has not been processed until now..
my name is yuli kusumawati my account number : 38229
i made long position 3 minutes before market closed on friday and i got $369
but now i lost my profit and the withdrawal has not been procesed yet until now..in my

MT4 my history of order and profit has disappeared..they're gone..
i really wonder why...but i still have the log of the transaction..:

04:57:30 '38229': instant order buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.0000

06:11:57 '38229': order #1627650 buy 3.00 AUDUSD at 0.6746 sl: 0.0000 tp: 0.6899 closed

at price 0.6869

i have contacted LIVE SUPPORT,sent email to finance&chief.dealer but they all gave me

nothing..no solutive way...they only played "ping pong" on me...
finally the chief.dealer answer my email,he only said a very short senence:

"Dear sir.

Your order and your bonus were deleted
according bonus agreement.

You can withdraw sum deposited to your account
using the same method as you have deposited by"

i was shocked...i really wonder..coz i traded in fair way..i did not break any rules..
i insisted him to give me proof that i broke rule..but until now i did not get answer and

my money still in instaforex..
please help me get my money back sir..

16.12.2019, 00:13
One more scam company opened by the owner of scam liteforex company.

More info http://club.investo.ru/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=131386&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=15 (In russain but as my friend infromed me there are information who they are and how they robing peple).
Guys if you think to trust money to the 20 years old guy who dreams to rob so many ppl as he can. In russia they were opened few month ago and in russia they alredy has very bad reputation. :) So don't be full and keep your ass out of this bucketshop.